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the Golden Land

A place dedicated to multicultural encounters which aim towards a better understanding of the cultural and culinary traditions and customs of the many peoples of the world

"May your merits be large, your life long and your path be smooth and without obstacles"




At her Studio in the heart of Florence courses or single lessons are built around individual or group requirements, and are given in both Italian and English.
Every lesson is accompanied by annotations on the cultural or historical context of the dishes prepared during this hands-on experience.

Half day Sessions Morning or Afternoon 10 am  and 4.30 pm

Lessons consist in the preparation and consumption of a meal consisting in a choice of:
An antipasto or a first course of pasta. Followed by a meat dish and a vegetable or desert.

All-Day Sessions 10 am - lunch, a break then  5 pm till dinner

These are organized around cooking typical regional specialties. Participants learn how to make two kinds of sauces, one for lunch and a slow-cooking ragù for dinner.
The “primo” is a choice  between Pasta, Polenta and Gnocchi.
A vegetable
Each of the two meals include a meat dish and desert.

Single Lessons of Special Dishes

These deal with specific food categories.

  • Sauces
  • Soups
  • Fish
  • Vegetarian
  • The history of stockfish (baccalà) and its many variations,
  • The role of cheese and butter in cooking, from India to Europe

An outline on the different cheeses of Italy is available on request.

Three-Day Course

Four cooking lessons, a market tour and choice of an excursion for wine tasting or to a cheese dairy Farm
Each deal with a single theme:

  • Pasta throughout the world
  • Rice: East meets West
  • The history of the world’s 3 most Antic spices, cinnamon, pepper and saffron
  • The cuisine of the kingdom of Naples

Oriental Cooking

The Studio also offers a wide range of Oriental classes, both of the Near and Far East.

Other activities

She has also worked as a consultant for restaurant menu planning. Besides her regular school courses she is often called upon to give lectures on food and its cultural and religious significance in various countries, these lectures are sometimes followed by a demonstration of a particular method  of preparation, or introduces a short course of one or two lessons.

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